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about Brixi & Daddy


Hello and welcome to all the fans of Bull Terrier breed world wide. 

My name is Philipp Janevski. My family are from St. Petersburg (Russia). In the 1992 we fell in love in this breed so we decided to acquire our first Bull Terrier. So in our home appeared Nicoletta Black Star. It was a female Bull Terrier we called Nika which we took as a pet and she stole our hearts in a blink of an eye. Only later, living with it, i realized that the bull-terrier had no longer been my pet, but a member of my family. Each day we have improved our knowledge about the breed through play and work. Early in 2010 we made a decision to become the owners of Mini Bull Terrier female Tajga Reme Brixie (Brixi), which came to our home as a puppy.  She was born at 14/08/2010 

Today she is still the most beloved dog in our house and the love which we feel for her and to this special breed. Nobody can be indifferent to a bull-terrier. You have to love it in the moment you'll first see it.

12.03.2012 we had puppy Daddy!

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